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Why Choose Us

Handpicked Hotels

Apsara Tours has already selected the best hotels in their category for its customers. Because we want our guests to experience the best accommodation and food available according to their budget, and this for every stage of the trip and for every destination chosen. It is in these optimal conditions of rest, comfort and relaxation that you will be able to derive maximum satisfaction from your journey. Apsara Tours maintains trusted relationships with these hotels, while ensuring regularly that they still meet the same quality standards.

World Class Service

Apsara Tours brings together the best travel designers. They are carefully listening to the customer’s requirements and expectations, but are also familiar with what the country offers as best and most beautiful. They bring together all of these elements into an optimal proposal to the traveler, depending on the available budgets. But the last word always remains for the customer! Apsara Tours then mobilizes the best specialists in their field (guides, drivers, accommodation, etc.) to ensure the highest possible quality of service and safety in the desired range.

Best Price Guarantee

Apsara Tours is always looking for the best price / quality ratio for all the services it provides and brings to the customer. And this without sacrificing the quality of it’s’ services. With her small but very effective structure, Apsara Tours constantly strives to master its own costs in order not to burden the traveler’s budget. A holiday must always remain a special moment in the lives of our customers, from which they keep happy memories. And to remember happily, it must include the feeling that the trip was paid at the right price.

Top Reason – Why Us!


We have specialized teams to handle specific travel requests. Apsara Tours has a strong experience with custom tourism and has developed diverse theme tours for you to discover the rich history, culture, nature, adventure, sports, sea and sand, culinary arts and wellness. The wealth of options listed on our website is just a taste of what we can do. The freedom to create your own itinerary is unique. Whatever you dream of, we can accomplish it. We know that everyone has his own unique style of travel and that’s why we work with you to create a program and routing completely customized to meet your needs and budget. All our tours can be fully customized to suit your every desire.


Over the years, Apsara Tours has pioneered new destinations and experiences and continues to do so today. We constantly push the boundaries by creating unique and authentic travel options and innovative itineraries. We take you into hidden places, we present to you the local people and we bring you a real experience. You are guaranteed to have a good perception of the culture and return home with unforgettable memories.


When you book with Apsara Tours you are dealing with a team on the field that can offer you the latest novelties as well as quick access to the best deals in the region. The result: more speed, a better response and fantastic savings. We are a travel company who knows the country and with a great working experience in Southeast Asia with selected partners. Thanks to our knowledge of Thailand and our excellent network of suppliers, we can access the best rates and latest promotions and pass on these savings to you.


Being in the area for over 15 years, we have long-standing relationships with our suppliers, ensuring not only competitive pricing but also a quality service. Apsara Tours is knowledgeable and active in the trade. Our company provides formation, the proper equipment, and training to its employees so that they have the tools to provide a better quality service. One of their main instructions is to constantly ensure your safety.All our GUIDES are employed locally, receive excellent training, can speak English, French, Dutch, Thai; they behave in a professional manner, are knowledgeable of the travel program, the history and the culture from every angle.To ensure your comfort, we always use PRIVATE TRANSPORTATION to travel by road. We have selected a modern fleet of air-conditioned vehicles, ranging from the standard sedan car up to 45 seats coaches, depending on the group size. Other modes of transportation are trains, boats and planes.


Our DRIVERS are professionally trained to meet all your personal transportation needs and represent the best of the trade. To ensure the safety of our customers, each driver receives a thorough training, undergoes regular drug testing and their backgrounds are checked. Your driver will be friendly and will welcome you with a smile. Our drivers are always in contact with our dispatching centre to ensure you reach your destination on time. The quality does not depend on budget. Apsara Tours regularly monitors and inspects its hotel and transportation partners to ensure the highest standards of quality, safety and comfort. We select the accommodation according to the chosen type and preferences of the customer. This can vary considerably, from standard 4-star hotels, to exclusive boutique hotels overflowing with character, 5 star hotels, luxury residences or private villas. Whatever the chosen level of accommodation we use the best at this level and we conduct regular inspections to ensure its quality. As we live in Thailand, we know all about the products we offer.


Our colleagues in the profession and the feedback from our clients attest to our excellent reputation and our unbeatable experience in the region. Much of our business comes from word of mouth, and we are always happy to provide references. Your satisfaction is our reputation.


Apsara Tours has a long history of fighting for consumer rights and adheres to a strict code of ethics. Apsara Tours promotes and adheres to the principles of sustainable tourism and ethics. We work hard to empower local communities and ensure that they and our clients benefit from our visits. We take responsible travel seriously and offer you the opportunity to “give back” to the communities you visit. Nature and wildlife are our best allies for a comfortable and exciting experience in this region. Apsara Tours pays particular attention to these aspects. Protecting nature means protecting our company.


Apsara Tours has been a secured organization for decades. Your personal information, such as your travel interests, your payment details, etc. … are stored in our secure database and can be retrieved to save you time and effort to each reservation. Your personal information will only be used in such circumstances and are never made public.

What Customers Say

  • Ik wil u laten weten dat we enorm onder de indruk waren van de service van uw bedrijf. De chauffeurs waren te alle tijden veilig, behulpzaam en beleefd. De gids was heel goed. Ze was vooral gemakkelijk te begrijpen. Wij zullen Apsara Tours zeker aan onze familie en vrienden aanbevelen. - BELGIUM -
    Rita Bomen
  • Nous avions demandé à simplement être conduits de l’aéroport à la plage et nous avons été attendus puis accompagnés avec ponctualité et gentillesse. Le retard important de notre avion d’Europe n’avait pas effacé le sourire de notre chauffeur. Chapeau Apsara Tours.                  - BELGIUM -
    Andrée et Jo Beekmans
  • Hartelijk dank aan Apsara Tours. De groep had een geweldige tijd in Thailand en we hielden van elke minuut. De rondreis die u voor ons geregeld heeft was gewoon geweldig. Dank u voor al uw steun bij het opzetten van de reis en en uw hulp terwijl we in Thailand waren. Groetjes aan onze lieve gids Thammasak. - BELGIUM -  
    Hans De Zomere
  • Ik wilde Apsara Tours bedanken voor de geweldige reis in het land van de glimlach. We kregen echt een goede smaak van Thailand tijdens onze tour. Alles was snel en goed georganiseerd. Ik hoop dat we in de toekomst opnieuw van Apsara Tours’ diensten kunnen genieten. - BELGIUM -  
    Olivier Peters
  • We hebben ongelooflijk genoten van Thailand en haar cultuur. We willen Apsara Tours bedanken voor de heel persoonlijke en professionele dienstverlening. We zullen jullie zeker aanbevelen, nogmaals dank voor de goede zorgen. - BELGIUM -  
    Michel & Dominique Dewaal
  • Super bedankt voor deze schitterende reis en bijzonder verzorgde service. We hebben enorm genoten van deze heel leerrijke rondreis. - BELGIUM -  
    Familie Van Renterghem
    Normale Mensen ;-)
  • Heel erg bedankt voor het regelen van een zeer aangename tour in Thailand. We hadden een geweldige tijd en de gidsen waren zeer behulpzaam en verantwoordelijk. Alles ging vrij vlot. We hebben heel veel waardering voor de keuzes die jullie gemaakt hebben voor onze tour.     - BELGIUM -  
    Andre Martens
  • When someone travels with Apsara Tours he can be confident that he will receive the best possible service about the destination he visits. Tours with Apsara Tours are always perfectly organized and include several unique travel destinations. Even in the most remote places one feels save and in good hands with the guides of Apsara Tours. I had a great time with Guide Tooky which i want to thank too. - USA -  
    John Farley
  • Je cherchais une ile qui me donne encore une impression d’indépendance et de liberté et Apsara Tours m’as conseillé Koh Kood. Un endroit paradisiaque que la foule n’a pas encore envahi. Un grand merci pour ces vacances de mer splendide et de paix. - FRANCE -
    Th. Delisieux
  • Nous voulions dépasser le pont sur la rivière Kwai et vous nous avez proposé de poursuivre jusqu’à la frontière birmane. Voilà une bien belle région qu’Apsara Tours nous aura fait découvrir. Merci pour ces bons moments. Merci aussi à nos accompagnateurs pour leur compétence et gentillesse. - BELGIUM -
    R. Mineur
  • Nous voulions sortir des voyages classiques et Apsara Tours nous a proposé l’Isan. Partant en novembre nous avons pu assister à la fête des éléphants en ville et au magnifique spectacle historique au stade (merci à Apsara Tours de nous avoir mis dans la tribune VIP car dans la tribune d’en face on voyait les gens cuire au soleil !). Et que dire du temple de Phanom Rung et de sa beauté solitaire au sommet du volcan. Une belle moisson de souvenirs. - BELGIUM -
    Pierre Degand
  • We have been travelling with Apsara Tours first in Bangkok and then in Phuket, we would like to express our gratitude towards your organization. In particular yours colleagues have been punctual, nice and efficient. Not only, the vehicles used were modern, clean and comfortable. The guides who escorted us were prepared under all aspects, punctual and always at our disposal, indeed what we call a service minded attitude. We will definitely choose your organization for our next trip in South East Asia. Greats Thanks. - UK -  
    Peter Radford
  • My wife and I just wanted to say thank you very much to all at Apsara Tours who made our recent trip to Thailand so great. The booking process was extremely smooth and the guides were absolutely fantastic! Many thanks. - USA -  
    Kevin & Jessica
    Physicists - Human Resources Manager
  • We zijn net terug van twee weken in Thailand en Laos, en vóór de reis te ver ligt in ons geheugen, willen we er gebruik van maken om uw prachtig personeel te bedanken voor een geweldige ervaring. - BELGIUM -
    Peter & Sonia Van Antwerpen
  • I returned from Thailand and Bangkok. Thank you for making all the arrangements to the various places. I had a great guide and driver and traveled like a king. It was indeed a great holiday. Thanks once again for making my trip memorable and at such short notice.  - UK -
    Chris & Elise
    Manager - Employee
  • Claire et moi voulons remercier Apsara Tours pour le magnifique tour que nous venons de faire dans le nord de la Thaïlande.  Nous gardons, un excellent souvenir des beautés des paysages mais aussi de la compétence de votre guide et de sa serviabilité.  Et votre chauffeur nous a tout à fait mis en confiance avec les  méandres des routes de montagne.  De bien beaux souvenirs. X. et C. Debrabandere - BELGIUM -
    X. & C. Debrabandere
  • We waren zeer aangenaam verrast hoe persoonlijk een georganiseerde een tour kan zijn. We waren onder de indruk van alle getroffen regelingen en zullen zeker opnieuw gebruik maken van Apsara Tours. - BELGIUM -  
    Gino & Laurence
    Politie Agent & Bediende
  • Wij willen graag uw bedrijf feliciteren met het verstrekken van een heerlijke vakantie-ervaring. De hele reis was vlot en professioneel uitgevoerd. Alles wat beloofd was werd op een bijzonder vlotte manier geleverd. Tot slot zouden we graag Apsara Tours aan onze vrienden aanbevelen. - BELGIUM -
    Jan Davelaar
  • We zijn terug van onze reis naar Thailand en Vietnam. Ik wou even melden hoe blij we waren met de service van Apsara Tours. We waren zeer tevreden met de afspraken die u heeft gemaakt en met alle gidsen en chauffeurs. We waarderen ook uw back-up steun toen er problemen waren met het weer in Halong Bay. - BELGIUM -
    Gezin Berckmans
    Event Organisator
  • Ik ben net terug van een reis met Apsara Tours naar Laos en Cambodia. De reis was een groot avontuur en ik heb zoveel gezien en geleerd. Onze gidsen waren zeer competent en aangenaam. Ik zou aanraden dat uw bedrijf hun diensten blijft gebruiken daar ze een grote aanwinst zijn voor uw reisorganisatie. - BELGIUM -  
    Thomas Desmet
  • Nous voulions vivre un moment festif de la vie des Thaïs et vous nous avez conseillé la Fête de l’Eau à Chiang Mai. Une excellente suggestion qui a enrichi notre voyage et nous fera recommander Apsara Tours à nos amis et connaissances. Merci de cette excellente idée.            - FRANCE -
    Franck & Isabelle Dumoulin
  • Nous venons de passer des heures passionnantes à Bangkok. Arriver d’Europe et être ainsi plongés dans cette ville si foisonnante. Quel dépaysement ! Heureusement le guide d’Apsara Tours était là pour nous éclairer et nous accompagner avec gentillesse. - BELGIUM -
    R. Vanportal
    Cadre d’entreprise
  • We cannot emphasize enough how wonderful of a time we had. Furthermore, we are certain that it was the epic, Cambodian adventure we so ardently hoped it would be, solely because of our guides. We feel as though we were the luckiest tourists in Siem Reap - our guide and driver were the cream of the crop. Many thanks to everyone at Apsara Tours for such a wonderful service. - UK -  
    Patrick & Patricia